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Our Partners
General partner
K.Fund is a fund of entrepreneur Vasily Khmelnitsky, created to support projects in the field of education and economics. K.Fund's mission is to provide opportunities for acquiring new knowledge and skills, to promote discovering and help to reach a new level. The Foundation supports the development of the IT industry in Ukraine, among its projects - the programming factory UNIT Factory, the Center for the Development of Technology Companies TCDC, the inter-corporate IT-university BIONIC University.
Strategic partner
We're a company of pioneers. It's our job to make bold bets, and we get our energy from inventing on behalf of customers. Success is measured against the possible, not the probable. For today's pioneers, that's exactly why there's no place on Earth they'd rather build than Amazon. Amazon is Strategy Partner of DEV Challenge. The company expects meet best Ukrainian developers and discover their potential through unusual tasks.
Strategic partner
Facebook - the world's most popular social network. The company's headquarters is in Menlo Park, California. Mission Facebook - allow people to share what is important to them, and make the world more open and interconnected. The peculiarity of Facebook is a hacker culture - an environment in which especially appreciated the creative approach to problems and quick decisions.
Upwork is the world’s largest freelancing website that connects the best businesses and independent professionals globally and faster than ever. For more information, visit our website, join us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
Gold partner
Astound Commerce is a global ecommerce expert. Our team already includes over 600 skilled professionals located worldwide. We offer strategy, planning, design, UX, development, and a seamless integration of all the technology to deliver an enhanced shopping experience, whether in-store, on computer or via a mobile device for many of the world’s leading brands and retailers.
Gold Partner
ePravo is a modern law firm that combines expertise with a correct understanding of customer needs and implements a number of socially responsible projects. SaaS, Tech, e-commerce, APi, start-ups, not to mention the protection of intellectual property - we perform it exactly as you need. Under extreme circumstances, you will be protected by our Twin Lawyers.
Gold Partner
Paymentwall is the team of creative, problem-solving, and challenge-driven entrepreneurs who are not afraid to build global products. Headquartered in San Francisco, we are the people that help millions of World of Tanks, Corel Draw, WINZIP, Black Desert Online, Minecraft, SEGA gamers and users to complete online payments. Join us and start making the global impact with your work.
Technical partner
Mil`s - our main technical partner, who made a complete rebranding of the championship.
Prize partner
Dell Corporation provides the world technology that can realize dreams. The decision Dell, as part of the Dell Technologies, 98% of companies from the Fortune 500 and small businesses, or parents who buy laptops for children. The range of Dell products allow its customers to work more efficiently wherever they may be: at home, at work or at school.
Партнер номінацій QA&QC
StartIT is a training course for testing. We provide a service for the comfortable mastering of new skills, and our team is one of the most active in terms of knowledge sharing. In addition to their work and conducting courses, our trainers are regular speakers at conferences and MeetUps, as well as permanent judges of DEV Challenge. StartIT is not just a course, it's a community of people who want to develop themselves.
Інформаційні партнери
DA-14 is a team of smart, caring and dedicated professionals. We focus on building complex custom SaaS products for startups using a wide range of modern technologies within MEAN stack.
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To become a partner in the 11th season DEV Challenge, please contact the coordinator of the Championship of development:, skype: irynaokseniuk