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Winners DEV Challenge 11

01-02.07 відбувся Фінал DEV Challenge 11
Судді визначили переможців у кожній номінації.

3000+ participants
500+ Senior-developers
500+ Middle-developers

DEV Challenge is a competition in field conditions. Your weapon is your mind and speed.  Only true masters will win.

You can check official rules here.

10 nominations, 2 fields: Web, Mobile.

There are 2 categories in each nomination: Standard (Middle, Junior-to-Middle) and Pro (Senior, Middle-to-Senior).

There are 3 stages of the Development Championship: Qualification, Semi-final online and Final offline in Kyiv. All tasks are extremely innovative, forcing everyone to look for new solutions not implemented before.

What you get
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You are a Senior developer, so you already don`t need to prove anything to anyone. But let`s admit that there is still enough space for development and new achievements.
Dev_Challenge is an opportunity to grow from an experienced developer to expert, to add the weight to your words and prove yourself to be a leading specialist at the market. You will meet a true guru among the judges. Can you prove that you are one of them?

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You are a Middle-develope, no longer a beginner but still not a pro. Do you have feelings that the significant part of the way is already passed, but to achieve the status of Senior you have a lot to do? On the contrary, do you consider yourself to be worthy of a new level, but you don`t have enough arguments?
Well, participating in Dev_Challenge in category Pro is an opportunity to test yourself on the same stage with Senior developers and give credibility to your professionalism.

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You have enough skills in comparison with beginners, but there are thousands of professionals in IT-industry like you?
DEV Challenge is an opportunity to test your limits and move to the next level. Promising acquaintances, ambitious job offers, real tasks of Middle+ level and communication with gurus in your industry. Here you can meet face to face with the developers of Middle+. Are you strong enough for this? If so - benefit will not keep you waiting.

Front-end HTML+CSS/ Front-end JS/
Back-end/ Fullstack
UI/UX designer/ QA/ QC

Front-end developer (HTML+CSS).
You get the task to implement a custom site layout.

Front-end developer (JS).
You get the task of developing functional websites, games or web applications.

Back-end developer.
Implementation of the task available in: Python, Java, PHP, Ruby, ASP, JavaScript.

Fullstack developer.
You get a job to realization of the complex business problem.

UI/UX designer.
Participants develop design of Web resource.
Alexei Kalyuzhny
Alex boasts rank Web Challenge Winners and EU Web Challenge, and the title of beloved judge. Behind him 7 years of experience in IT and teaching in Beetroot Academy, which we are incredibly proud!
Alexander Kotlyarskyy

Sasha has been working in Facebook for 5 years already. He obtained experience in London, where he worked on ornamenting the walls and front-end development. Since 2014, Sasha works in California on the technology React Native, develops mobile applications for Oculus, conducts internal seminars and speaks at conferences. He is a big fan of JavaScript, React and UX.

Roman Babishchevich
The head of the studio in frontend SE7ENSKY [], on account of which many of the advanced and large-scale projects in Ukraine.

Curator of course "Frontend Advanced" in Projector.
Maxim Kramarenko
JS developer with 9 years of experience, program the last 16 years. He started his career with Web Studio, now is running in BigData startups. Worship create real-time and achieve the smallest big
Dmitriy Sushko
Dmitriy has gone all the way from the average developer and DEV Challenge participant to business owner and DEV Challenge judge. He can boast of 15 years in web app development, affiliation with Techstars as Technical Associate, and vast experience of working with leading startups from all over the world. Currently, Dmitriy is a co-founder and CEO of DA-14 Software Development, web development company with initial focus on MEAN Stack.
Alexei Milotskij
The winner of the Championship and repeated the judge Dev Challenge, whose team rose to Mil`s technical partner "We_Challenge". He develops architecture Front-end and Back-end parts for heavy Web solutions. A significant proof of his experience is a certification ZCE / ZFCE / ZFCA and ZF2 contributor. In a Web-designing it for over 10 years.
Although the UX direction - new for Ukraine, Dmitry already has more than 13 years of experience in it.
That's why he actively shares his knowledge within Luxoft Training and a number of Ukrainian conferences. UX Designer and Usability Architect at Luxoft Creative Labs - sounds pretty solid. Is not it?
Victor Udintsov
For more than 8 years pumping his skill of the IT sector and create strong UI / UX design. Now Victor is a strong leader and an experienced mentor of Kiev studio design and advanced design master at position Lead Designer at DataArt.
Sergey Morkovkin
More than 16 years in developing and repeatedly winning competitions DEV Challenge? Yes, we are talking about Sergei, Fullstack-developer and the current judge of Championship. In the championship DEV Challenge IX gathered as a cohesive team "Lohika", she even won. Among the baggage of his experience working on many projects, including special pride - Microsoft Skype.
Sergey Illiukhin
Sergii has more than 10 years of experience in web development (ASP.NET, MVC, WebApi, AngularJs, сервіси Azure).
Contributes to the development of public data services, author and developer of the service for monitoring city councils' public information.
Co-founder of Freelance Brovary community, coach at volunteer Java courses in Brovary.

iOS developer / Android developer /
UI/UX designer

iOS developer.
The implementation of the problem under iOS platform.

Android developer.
Racing in qualitative implementation of applications for Android.

UI/UX designer.
Participants develop a design of mobile app.

Oleksii Demedetskyi

Before joining Sigma IT Consulting in 2015 Oleksii worked as iOS Team Lead at Ciclum. He also was a mentor of Kharkiv branch at Ciklum Interactive. His specialties are architecture development and business value analysis.

Anton Minashkin
We measure a developer's ability to be multifunctional as «alt + F4». Anton downshift in mobile development, with serious baggage behind Web design. In addition, he a top Ukrainian speaker, which in particular is co-organizer of the conference, the largest Android L'GDG Fest.
ANDREY Skrypnyk
Andrew also has a baptism of fire as a judge Dev Challenge.
Exacly on his shoulders component architectural applications and the quality of the team in Concepter is keeping. Recently, actively shares its experience at conferences, such as for InnoTech and CocoaHeads.
Dmitry Chuta
Representative young but very famous Odessa Digital Agency. In July, Dmitry brought Chapps agency in a new level, turning it after 3 years in grocery business and loudly telling all dev-resources in Ukraine
Sergey Komlach
Біометрична ідентифікація та кібер-безпека - це головні напрямки роботи Сергія над кросс-платформенними рішеннями. Сергій один з одиниць, кого у Silicon valley знають особисто. І одночасно з цим, він добре відомий у світі Android розробки, адже був неодноразовим спікером на UAMobile, Frameworks Day Android, Google DevFest UA та ще багатьох інших українських ІТ-подій. Але наш суддя не тільки "гарний на слова", але й на ділі показує висок
Sergey Kozyrev
Сергій є абсолютним резидентом безлічі українських Android конференцій, активним учасником хакатонів, переможцем Google Dev Fest “V Android” та “Kievhack” та суддею Чемпінатів з розробки Dev Challenge. Java та Python - його рідна стихія, тому ви після звичайного "привіт" можете витратити години у спілкування на ІТ-тематику з ним.
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