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Judges are the best experts in IT

One of the most valuable components of the Championship is the judges.


This year you will be judged by representatives of the best Ukrainian start-ups, food company gurus and outsourcing giants. Talented and highly professional CEOs, CTO and Co-founders - a real professional elite - are already working together to find superhero among Ukrainian developers.

Alexei Kalyuzhny
Front-end and WordPress teacher @Beetroot Academy

/**Judge of the nomination Front-end HTML + CSS**/

Front-end developer and WordPress ninja with experience more than 7 years of diverse and gain professional experience.
Senior Lecturer in Beetroot Academy, Repeated finalist and winner of championships in web development UA Web Challenge
and EU Web Challenge. He became a favorite judge of DEV Challenge 10.

Roman Babishchevich
SE7ENSKY Frontend studio

/**Judge of the nomination Front-end HTML + CSS**/

The head of the studio frontend SE7ENSKY [], on account of which many of the advanced and large-scale projects in Ukraine.
Curator of the course "Frontend Advanced" in Projector.
Alexander Kotlyarskyy
Software engineer @Facebook

/**judge of the nomination Front-end JS**/

Sasha has been working in Facebook for 5 years already. He obtained experience in London, where he worked on ornamenting the walls and front-end development. Since 2014, Sasha works in California on the technology React Native, develops mobile applications for Oculus, conducts internal seminars and speaks at conferences. He is a big fan of JavaScript, React and UX..

Dmitriy Sushko
CTO & Co-Founder @DA-14

/**judge of the nomination Front-end JS**/

Dmitriy has gone all the way from the average developer and DEV Challenge participant to business owner and DEV Challenge judge. He can boast of 15 years in web app development, affiliation with Techstars as Technical Associate, and vast experience of working with leading startups from all over the world. Currently, Dmitriy is a co-founder and CEO of DA-14 Software Development, web development company with initial focus on MEAN Stack.

Maxim Kramarenko
Front-end researcher/Sr. Software Engineer

/**Judge of the nomination Front-end JS**/

JS developer with 10 years experience, he has been programming during the last 17 years. Maxim started his career in web studio and now he is working on the future of web development. Maxim adores to create real-time systems and achieve the smallest big O.

Alexei Milotskij
CTO/Co-Founder @Mil's

/**Judge of the nomination Back-end developer**/

The winner of the Championship and repeated the judge DEV Challenge, whose team rose to Mil`s technical partner "We_Challenge". He develops architecture Front-end and Back-end parts for heavy Web solutions. A significant proof of his experience is a certification ZCE / ZFCE / ZFCA and ZF2 contributor. In a Web-designing it for over 10 years.

Sergey Illiukhin
.NET Backend Team Lead @Ciklum

/**Judge of the nomination Back-end developer**/

Sergii has more than 10 years of experience in web development (ASP.NET, MVC, WebApi, AngularJs, сервіси Azure).
Contributes to the development of public data services, author and developer of the service for monitoring city councils' public information.
Co-founder of Freelance Brovary community, coach at volunteer Java courses in Brovary.

Corneliu Rudeanu
Senior Developer @Amazon Development Center Romania

/**Judge of the nomination Back-end developer**/

Corneliu Rudeanu is a senior developer at Amazon Development Center Romania, identifying metrics that indicate Customer Experience. He finds competition a method of personal evolution and a motivation for performance. He's eager to learn new stuff and also likes to share his findings.

Creative Labs UX Architect @Luxoft

/**judge of the nomination Web UI/UX designer**/

Although the UX direction - new for Ukraine, Dmitry already has more than 13 years of experience in it. That's why he actively shares his knowledge within Luxoft Training and a number of Ukrainian conferences. UX Designer and Usability Architect at Luxoft Creative Labs - sounds pretty solid. Is not it?

Дмитрий Потиха
Head of Web Development Department @Agromat

/**суддя номінації Web UI/UX designer**/

Art director of the project "Vsi. Svoi", a consultant in the field of web-production. He has more than 15 years of experience in developing on-line projects as art director, creative designer in big advertising agencies and web design studios. He created and integrated projects for PinchukArtCentre, Kraft Foods, Life :), Nestle, Obolon, national retailers and leading online media. Previously, he was the judge of three UaWebChallenge championships.

Victor Udintsov
Lead Designer @DataArt

/**judge of the nomination UI/UX designer**/

Working in IT for over 8 years, including the last 5 - the outsourcing company. Mentor and leader of the Kiev branch design studio, the main activity - implementation, maintenance and management of design processes in the B2B, B2C, SaaS-projects.

Sergey Morkovkin
Team Lead @Lóhika

/**judge of the nomination Fullstack developer**/

More than 16 years in developing and repeatedly winning competitions DEV Challenge? Yes, we are talking about Sergei, Fullstack-developer and the current judge of Championship. In the championship DEV Challenge IX gathered as a cohesive team "Lohika", she even won. Among the baggage of his experience working on many projects, including special pride - Microsoft Skype.

Bohdan Varshchuk
Solutions Architect, Team Lead @Teamvoy

/**judge of the nomination Fullstack developer**/

He started his career as a front end developer and system administrator, then moved to the full stack. Bohdan has worked as a freelancer and in outsourcing before starting to develop his own business. He participates in a community life, delivering speeches at meetups with @kottans; he is a part of the core team in pivorak meetup. Currently Bohdan is mainly working on fintech & ecommerce projects.

Trush Alexander
Erlang/Elixir developer @urbox

/**judge of the nomination Fullstack developer**/

Alexander has been a judge of DEV Challenge for many consecutive seasons. Thanks to his important comments teams either stay together forever or fall apart immediately. His skills as a Fullstack developer were extremely useful for DOU.UA and; moreover, he is a founder of the latter. Alex works as a Powered Erlang / Elixir developer at

Vlad Dascalu
Software Development Manager @Amazon Romania

/**Judge of the nomination Fullstack developer**/

Vlad Dascalu currently works as a Software Development Manager at Amazon Romania, since February 2016. Previously, he worked as a Software Engineer at Google (2007-2010) and he won a gold medal at the International Olympiad in Informatics (Finland, 2001).

Artem Bykovets
Agile Coach @Levi9 / CEO @StartIT

/**Judge of the nomination QC, QA engeneer**/

Artem started his career in IT as a content manager, but then moved to QA where he has grown to the position of QA Lead. Now is an Agile Coach for few enterprise clients from Netherlands. Artem develops new courses for StartIT as CEO. Winner of IT Awards Ukraine 2015 in the nomination QA. He enjoys speaking at various conferences and also delivers lectures in National Technical University of Ukraine "KPI"

Vladimir Ivanov
Senior QA Analyst @Intego Group / QA Coach @StartIT

/**Judge of the nomination QC, QA engeneer**/

Volodymyr works in QA since the end of 2008. During that time he managed to try his hand at one of the largest companies of Ukraine - Global Logic. After working for almost 2 years at the Senior QA position, he gained invaluable experience in managing a small QA team and Hardware testing for Android OS. Now Volodymyr continues to develop his horizons of testing on the WEB project in the Intego Group company.

Alexander Hotemskyi
QA Tech Lead @Ciklum / QA Automation Coach @StartIT

/**Judge of the nomination QC, QA engeneer**/

Oleksandr has 7+ years of experience in QA, 2 of them as a Lead. He is experienced in both - automation and manual testing and he likes to share his experience as a Coach at Start-IT. Interesting fact: Oleksandr spent 3 years in medical college and working in hospital.

Oleksii Demedetskyi
Team Lead @Sigma Software

/**judge of the nomination iOS developer**/

Before joining Sigma Software in 2015 Oleksii worked as iOS Team Lead at Ciclum. He also was a mentor of Kharkiv branch at Ciklum Interactive. His specialties are architecture development and business value analysis.

ANDREY Skrypnyk
Head of software development @Concepter

/**Judge of the nomination iOS developer**/

It`s not the first time for Andrew to be a judge at DEV Challenge. Exacly on his shoulders component architectural applications and the quality of the team in Concepter is keeping. Recently, actively shares its experience at conferences, such as for InnoTech and CocoaHeads.

Petro Korienev
iOS Team Lead @Sigma Software

/**Judge of the nomination iOS developer**/

Passionate iOS Developer with 5 years iOS development experience. I aspire to excellence in code reflected in neat and attractive user interfaces. I extremely like learning new technologies & gaining new skills both during work and in spare time.

Anton Minashkin
Lead Android developer @EPAM

/**judge of the nomination Android developer**/

We measure a developer's ability to be multifunctional as «alt + F4». Anton downshift in mobile development, with serious baggage behind Web design. In addition, he a top Ukrainian speaker, which in particular is co-organizer of the conference, the largest Android L'GDG Fest.

Sergey Komlach
Android Developer @Sticky Password

/**Judge of the nomination Android developer**/

Biometric identification and cyber security - are the main areas of work Sergei in cross-platform solutions. Sergei is one of the units, who is known personally in Silicon valley . Our judge in reality show high results for example that he brought victory in the Opera Mobile Store Awards.

Sergey Kozyrev
Senior Software Engineer @Lóhika

/**Judge of nomination Android developer**/

Sergey is an absolute resident of many Ukrainian Android conferences, an active participant in hackathons, winner of Google Dev Fest "V Android" and "Kievhack", the judge of Championships in development DEV Challenge. Java and Python - his native element, so after the usual "hello" you can spend hours in chat with IT topics with him.

Dmitry Zaitsev
Mobile Team Lead @Lóhika

/**Judge of the nomination Android developer**/

One of the brightest judges representing Lohika company, so no wonder it's his second time to judge championship in the Mobile direction. Team Lead, mentor and speaker at many conferences in the country and abroad, where he shares his six-year experience in developing Android-applications in the fields of e-banking, medicine, information security, multimedia.

Katya Lavrenova
Lead Product Designer @Bldbox

/**Judge of the nomination Mobile UI/UX designer**/

Katya was a senior UX/UI Designer at GlobalLogic (Kyiv). Overall, she has 8 years of experience. Among her most impressive achievements we should mention 2nd place in the worldwide Intel Realsense Challenge 2014 and 2nd place in DevChallenge 2016 (Mobile UX/UI Designer Pro). Currently Katya is UX Сertified in Nielsen Norman Group.

Dmitry Chuta
CEO & Founder @Chapps

/**judge of the nomination Mobile UI/UX designer**/

Representative young but very famous Odessa Digital Agency. In July, Dmitry brought Chapps agency in a new level, turning it after 3 years in grocery business and loudly telling all dev-resources in Ukraine.

Stanislav Rapp
Lead Product Designer @Matic

/**judge of the nomination Mobile UI/UX designer**/

Stas has 7 years' experience in design, 3 of which he worked in start-ups. He is Co-founder of the company Ocean (sold to world-famous freelance exchange UpWork in 2014), Lead Product Designer @ HealthJoy (successfully attracted investments of $ 3M). Currently he is Lead Product Designer @ Matic (the start-up is already estimated at $ 30M). Certificate holder from Nielsen Norman Group and IDEO.