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Start of Registration

Starting this moment we accept queries for the participation in Championship. Register on site and choose competition format in your personal space on our site.

Beginning of the participants Qualification in the Standard format

Participants who accepted the challenge from ukrainian startups has to pass test task. It wont take long!

Online MeetUp

Experts speach as a greeting of competitors, inspiring stories and advises for the upcoming challenge.

Deadline of the qualification and registration

We are waiting for your registration apply by 3 pm and test solution by participants of the Standart format no later than 11:59 pm. Take care in advance to join the competition.

Announcement of the Championship participants list

The lists of two format participants - Standard and Extended - are published on a site.

Round 1

The first task in opened in your account. Choose the level of complexity - Standard or Pro - and may the Power be with you.

Deadline of solutions submission Round 1

Hurry up to download your resolve in your acount untill 23:59.

Start of the tasks examination Round 1

For the objectivity of scoring judges recieve encrypted resovles. Please, make sure there is no your name mentioned in an resolve. Otherwise the solution will be disqualified.

Finalisation of tasks examination Round 1

Judges are passing evaluation results to us.

Announcement of the results in Round 1

On an Championship site we are publishing scores for resolves and lists of competitors who have passed to Round 2. Participants in an Extended format are passing to the next round automaticaly.

Round 2

And here comes the possibility to upload second task in your parsonal account.

Deadline of solutions submissions Round 2

Tasks resolves are accepted from you account untill 11:59 pm.

Start of the tasks examination Round 2

We are encrypting resolves and passing them to Judges. Please don't mention your personal data in resolves.This kind of solutions will be disqualified.

Finalisation of tasks examination in Round 2

Judges are passing evaluation results to us.

Finalists Announcement

We are publishing on the site of Championship scores and lists of participants who are jealousy objects. Because they are in the Final.

First day of the Final

Offline-competitions in Kyiv. Coding just on air, communicate, participate in Community fair, listen to experts speeches.


Feedback-session from Judges and finalists, winners recognition of an DEV Challenge 12.

Якщо у вас не відображається або не скролиться таймлайн, повну версію можна подивитись за посиланням.